Tick is out of alpha!

Tick provides a powerful, cross-platform date-time API way beyond what java.time offers. It is implemented on top of cljc.java-time which again is cross-platform as has exactly the same API as java.time.

For years now, the API has been alpha, by which we mean "Ready to use with the caveat that the API might still undergo minor changes". With the current release, the API of tick has been split into

There are plans to revisit the interval functions and documentation and some changes to the API may arise from that work.

If you are upgrading from an earlier (0.4* version), here is what needs to change:

That's it.

Making breaking changes may be frowned on in the Clojure community, but they seem entirely reasonable to me in this case because:

One last thing, the current version is RC, release candidate. IOW please kick the tyres and let us know of any problems. We have already been using it in production for a while, with no issues. After a period of a couple of months, we'll remove the RC label.

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Published: 2021-09-28

Tagged: clojure